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Best Automatic Sex Machine from Lustti


Powerful & Quiet Auto Thrusting

Lustti Pro sex machine sets the benchmark in professional mechanical fucking fun. Designed to be used by both men and women in virtually any position, it offers users with the deepest, smoothest, most controllable satisfaction that the money can buy.

Manufactured of high quality components, it will pound you relentlessly for many years to come, with the quiet power.


A Perfected Design with your needs in mind

All-New Lustti Premium Fucking Machine has the same 120 Watt 300 Ncm(425oz.in) motor as Lustti Pro, equally powerful and quiet. while the closed waterproof design gives you a more safe & hussle-free squirting orgasms.

The ingenious design and included T-frame stands allows simple angel and height adjustment for almost any position you can imagine.



Double Penetration Machine Fucking

Lustti Elite sex machine sets the professional mechanical fucking fun to another level.

Whether you are interested in satisfying a threesome fantasy, double penetration fantasy, or wanting to experiment with the pleasures a fucking machine can offer, the Lustti Elite is always the great choice.

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What Our Clients Say

Happy customers are our biggest advocates, Lustti has had the great pleasure to help enhance the sexual pleasure for clients from around the world – here are the kind words they had to say about our products…


Average Customer Rating

I have owned Lustti Pro for almost 3 years now and it is as amazing as ever. When my husband travels for work and is gone for extensive periods of time, it helps us to stay closer. We purchased a Vac-U-Lock Toys Adapter a while ago and added it into a Clone A Willy mold and it’s like he never left. It’s a high-quality machine! recommend.
Ava B.
6 Sep. 2021
This machine is awesome – for the cost alone is awesome compared to other brands. Compared to another machine I had 3 times the cost and broken already, I got the Lustti Premium, super solid, quiet. Quick to setup and take down.
Attachments make this thing soooo much better and adaptable. Can use just about anything with this machine.
Those who like full on, crank this up to the max and no slow downs hours of pleasure …. if you can last.
Jeb Auc
21 Jul. 2021
Received the Pro Sex machine within a week. Super solid machine everything about it is quality. Heavy, stays where you put it. Quiet and smooth operation. Customer service is great. My wife loves it! We’re having so much fun with this relentless beast ???? Downside is there’s always a mess afterwards cuz my wife is a squirter…
Ty P
30 Apr. 2021