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Your Portable Enclosed Workhorse!

Perfected designed with your needs in mind, both for men and women.

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Alternative Option of Lustti Pro! Mini Size and Shorter Stroke Depth.


120-watt motor offers a variable speed of up to 300 strokes per min.


Double or solo, high adjustability for plenty of different options and positions.


Ultra-Quiet sliding system, pleasingly quiet, sturdy, heavy machine.


Perfected design with all your needs in mind – from the beginners who’ve experimented with the dildos and vibrators and looking for a next-level sex activity, or professional users in BDSM, kinky Sex, Lustti Premium got almost everyone considered. The double-ended thrusting design allows you to get Double or Solo play.


120 watt 300 Ncm( Powerful Motor w/ Accurate Control, With the Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, Lustti Premium can handle toys of all sizes securely. Enough to deal with anal & fist fuck, double penetration. So you can lay back and enjoy the in and out moment.

Enclosed & Waterproof Quiet Sliding System

As you know the importance of “fuck quiet”. With the sliding system reinforced and enclosed, Lustti Premium will help you masturbate in peace. Ideal for squirting orgasm enthusiast, Enclosed & Waterproof design always gives you the safe & hassle-free female ejaculation orgasm.

Easy Penetration Depth Adjustment

Adjustable Penetration Depth from 1.2 – 3.2 inches (3 – 8cm), a tool required, included with purchase.

  • Slightly loosen the triangle screw, no more than 4 turns.
  • Slide along the slot to desired position.
  • Re-tighten the screw and you will get it done!

Full-Metal Angle Adjustment Quick-Release Clamps

The heavy-duty quick release clamps make it easy to adjust its angle and height – including the vertical setup. Incredibly sturdy and stable.

Carry Handle for Easy Movement

The carry handle is a great design to Lustti Premium, Aricraft grade aluminum in construction, it is sturdy and so helpful, allows you easily move and change position of the machine.


You can change the angle and height as you wish to meet your different sex positions, thanks to its highly adjustable frame ​– doggy style, missionary, standing penguin, cowgirl and most sexual positions are covered. Adjustable height from 2 to 8.5 inches off the floor.

Solid T-frame Legs

The Solid T-frames legs make the Lustti Pro durable and long lasting, add additional approx. 3.3 kg / 7.28 lbs lbs to the machine, making it stand firm and steady when in use.

Optional 220 Lbs Ground Anchor

This suction cup ground anchor has a maximum lifting load capacity of 220 lbs for a better floor sex, it will give your Pro sex machine a strong hold on smooth and clean surface, and handle the faster, rougher, intense play. Must be mounted on a clean, smooth, flat, non-porous dry surface.

Multi-speed Dial to Play with Various Thrusting Speeds

The twist style controller is very easy to use, accurate dial controls for best accuracy. It marks from 0-100 to control the intensity, you go up more toward 100, the more intense the thrusting is going to be.

Optional Wireless Remote Control

For the Dual Control Version Premium, besides the twist style speed controller, it will also come with the remote controller, inbuilt routines with 18 different thrust modes to imitate the human penetration action. Allow you to explore the sexual pleasure with “different partners”. (Note: The speed can NOT be adjusted when in program modes.)


Our airline ball bearing couplings is designed for non-spin thrusting, extremely steady, keep toys in position when running at high speed, particularly those heavy ones with an aggressive curve (medium Bad Dragon Crackers) want to flip over sometimes. All Lustti sex machine essential accessories and silicone dildo attachments fit this connecting system.

Expand Your Lustti Premium

Extension Rod

It will let your toys reach further, which makes your self sex on Sofa or fucked on bed by sex machine.

Suction Dildo Holder

The adapter with 8.6 cm / 3.4 in in diameter. Absolutely an essential if you want to try some fantasy dildo sex toys, Bad Dragon Crackers Dildos for example, or you’ve got Mounted & Suction Cup Dildos on hand.

Vac-U-Lock Adapter

Quick-connect toy adaptor with vac u lock style barb to fit all the popular dildo brands, the doc Johnson toys and Hankey’s Toys for example (the click lock connector allows you to change toys effortlessly in seconds).


What’s included

1 x Lustti Premium Sex Machine
1 x Multi-Speed Dial Controller
1 x Wireless Remote-Control (Dual control Version)
1 x Power Supply Set (100–240V, the plug types will depend on your country.)
1 x Vac-U-Lock Adapter
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Screw Tool
1 x User Manual


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3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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All of our machines are shipped discreetly. The packaging does not allude to what’s inside, so it’s perfectly safe to receive if you don’t live alone!

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