Comapration of lustti sex machine models

Best Automatic Thrusting Sex Machines from Lustti

Why spend thousands on a sex machine when Lustti offers superior performance and features at a fraction of the cost?

Lustti’s Automatic Fucking Machines are engineered to deliver hands-free pleasure, boasting durable full metal construction for extended use. Featuring a click lock quick connector, along with the Vac-u-Lock adaptor and Suction Dildos Holder, these machines ensure seamless compatibility and versatility.

Whether for personal enjoyment, partnered play, or adult film production, the Lustti top-rated thrusting sex machines guarantee exceptional performance and care.


What guarantee provided for the Lustti Automatic Thrusting Sex Machines?

Lustti silent thrusting machines are crafted for durability, ensuring prolonged usage, we offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all our sex machines.

Do you ship your fucking machines to my country?

We provide shipping to nearly all countries across the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Visit our website for a list of specific countries or contact our customer service team for assistance regarding your country.

<br /> How will the Lustti sex machines be shipped?

We understand the importance of privacy, all our sex machines are shipped in discreet packaging to ensure confidentiality.

What’s the order fulfillment time?

Orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 business days from the date of order completion. Delivery times may vary depending on factors such as the chosen delivery method, your location, potential delays in customs, etc. For sex machine order, the average delivery time is approximately 5 working days.

I want to place an order with you but fear being added to postal mailing lists.

We don’t do any postal mailing except for your actual orders. So you won’t have to worry about receiving any kind of paper mail from us.

Still have questions?

You can always contact us and we will be with you shortly.