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Discreet Delivery – Tell-all

Imagine it, you’ve just rounded up the courage to splurge on a new sextoy, only to blush as you collect the clearly-marked box from the delivery guy! A few of us at Lustti have had problems with discreet delivery services before, it’s the terror tale of any kinky person looking to expand their arsenal, which is why we make sure that you won’t run into that with our products. Some are more manageable if they’re somewhat obvious, but we understand that picking up your new Lustti Pro from the sweet old lady across from you isn’t the best experience. Because of that, we’ve made sure that every order is subtle and discreet, but you’ll have to come up with a lie to tell her, that part’s on you.

However, we aren’t everywhere, one story floating around the office at the moment being one of our co-workers recently having their package dropped off at their neighbors place! She told us how dreadful it felt as she hoped the packaging wasn’t too obvious. Lo and behold, when she went to receive it, her neighbor was holding a clearly-marked box that left them both wanting the earth to swallow them.

It was awkward beyond belief, but even after she got it, she said there was an odd feeling about even using it, as if it somehow made things uncomfortable. So she had to suffer through an awful interaction, and was so scarred by it that her toy ended up sitting there for almost a week before she shook off the feeling!

So of course, at least for her sake, it’s something we take seriously and strive to make sure you’re comfortable not only purchasing any of our products, but receiving them as well. The last thing we want is another story like hers, because as funny as it was when she shared it, we could all imagine what a damper it was for her me-time. But there’s something else we’d love to know, and that’s some sextoy scandal stories of your own!

Have you had a tale like our poor worker, or was there somehow something even more embarrassing that happened to you? Whether it’s a short little story or an epic saga, sharing is caring and we’d love to hear them! When something like that happens, all you can do afterwards is laugh, after a small cry of course, and then double-check that the provider offers discreet delivery next time. So don’t be shy, this certainly isn’t the place for it!

Have you had an awkward delivery of your own, a time you dreaded collecting your package with whoever they dropped it off to, or even a nosy neighbor that bit off more than they could chew? At least for the sake of the brave worker who actually spoke up about her embarrassing exchange, let’s have a laugh about it together!

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